I'm Kristi, a reader and new writer of young adult fiction. I have loved being creative for as long as I can remember. Harry Potter was, and always will be, a book series that inspired me and taught me. Furthermore, I'm pleased to announce that I will be attending a university as of Fall 2012, as a 3rd year and declared English major. My first big writing project has been in pieces for a long time now, but I plan to keep working until I complete it. You can find me on Twitter as @whoaaitskristi. 

My name is not Midnight (or anywhere close) but I like this name and prefer to be called that whenever possible. I love reading, listening to music, writing, daydreaming, and sleeping. I am currently working on my first novel, which I have dubbed "Shades of Green." I am a Christian girl with a knack for the "what if?" in life. I fancy myself an expert in spelling, descriptions, and vocabulary.

I'm Nata, a writer who someday dreams of being an author. I dabble in graphic design, drawing, singing (not dancing, mind you), and other creative pursuits. I believe that writing isn't a job, it's a lifestyle. Since I'm that kind of writer who doesn't like to talk about herself, I'll end this with two things pieces of advice: practice random acts of kindness and if you're going to be someone, you might as well be someone interesting. 

Kirky, universally known by anything other than her real name, left school in July 2011 with the majority of the rest of the pupils mistaking her brother for her boyfriend and thinking that her parents had genuinely had the bad taste to call her "Kirky Kirk".  Supposedly British, she has a severe dislike for tea and actually lives in Belgium (but not all hope is lost -- when stuck for a conversation topic, she finds that turning to the weather is always fail-safe).  Her addictions include the boy bands DBSK (5 and HoMin) and JYJ, Belgian chocolate, fruit pastilles and hula hoops (sadly, neither of which are available in Belgium), shortbread and cucumber.  Her numerous nicknames include Midget (even in her final year, she was constantly mistaken for a thirteen/fourteen-year-old) and Knowledge Dragon (due to a game that her English class used to play).  Having grown up with three marvellous and (occasionally) irritating brothers, she decided that a year away from home in English-weathered Belgium would be the ideal opportunity to grow up, and is set to take up a place at Oxford University to read Classics in October of 2012.  It is perfectly possible that this will only be for a couple of months as a meteorite is supposed to collide with Earth at some point in December and wipe out all forms of carbon-based life.  Kirky has been writing ever since the age of four and at the age of twelve won the junior "Best Journalist in Britain" award.  She has been writing seriously since she was given a laptop for her fifteenth birthday and, in the three and a half years following that, has completed twelve novels with a total word count of over one million.  Her current projects (seventeen) are a little set back due to her habit of thinking in franglais and forgetting how to spell "apartment" the English way [note: that took me three times :P], but the three she is currently focussed on are Heartburst, a fantasy project, Skin Deep, a general fiction/murder mystery/satire/romance (currently undergoing edits) -- both of which can be found on -- and, as of November 1st, her NaNoWriMo project, Human Jackpot, involving a clueless human girl, five mysterious boys and an alien plot to take over the world.  On top of that, she has set herself a target she will doubtless fail of trying to learn the basics of nine new languages -- one a month -- before she returns to England next August.  So far on the list are Korean, Spanish, Japanese, German, Dutch, Chinese, Greek and Basque.  If you would like to suggest the remaining one, please leave her a message (although please bear in mind that she already knows French, Latin and Ancient Greek).  When not playing the piano, working, studying, reading, writing or commuting, Kirky can usually be found gaming in her poncho.

Past Authors
These remarkably fabulous people have sadly passed on the reins but we thank them for all that they've done for CTN!

I'm Zoey. At least, on the internet I am. The internet is strangely void of my real name ;] My age is an age below 20. I might voice my opinions more than I should, I probably watch more TV than I should, and I avoid homework way more than I should. I live in this boring old place called Wisconsin - maybe you've heard of it? Probably not. We're entirely unexciting, except for our cheese. And most people don't even like cheese. When I'm not secretly (and sometimes not-so-secretly) indulging in shows like The Vampire Diaries, I write about characters that like to throw things at each other. Or I read about characters that are NOT in love triangles. 

Hullo, I'm Andri! I'm a young-ish female writer from someplace in New England, US. The majority of my time is spent on the internet and/or writing, but I also have a part-time job at a marine-science museum and participate in Public Form Debate when I'm able to, as well as original oratory, though to a lesser degree. I crotchet, have two cats, always am listening to music, read a book a day, and I'm rubbish at drawing. I have several projects that I'm working on right now, the main being a fantasy story that is a bit complicated to get into now. That's me, in a hopefully succinct paragraph. 
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