Thursday, September 20, 2012

#4: New Chapter (In Life, Not a Book)

Hello, all! We meet again. I’m so sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my weekly posting schedule. The last few weeks of my life have been a big transitional period, plus I had to get my wisdom teeth out…etc. Ah, you don’t want to hear about everything I did. So I’ll stop there! 
Anyway, I just wanted to come by the blog and let you all know that I’m moving this weekend (to my new university). This means a few things:
A) I’m taking 2 English classes and 1 language course (that require approximately 17 books total). Ergo, I will have very little time or energy to read YA books. However, there are some titles coming out in the next few months that sound great. I may post reviews from time to time, especially if I get a chance to sift through the rest of my ARCs. 
B) I hope you all keep writing. And I hope I start. (You’ll hear about it, if I do. Promise!) It’s going to be hard, but the change in environment, with tons of new people around, should be quite inspiring. 
C) Summer is gone. Is anyone else as sad as I am? Though I was alone for much of it, I had a lot of fun reading, collecting autographs, etc. 
What are some of YOUR favorite memories from this summer? And where do you see yourself going next in your life (school, work, etc.)? 
Good luck and best wishes to you all.  <3
Until next time,
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