Wednesday, April 18, 2012

6 Questions to Befuddle the Writing Mind #3

Yeah, there is no hope of ever fitting this into the blogging schedule, but rest assured I'll (most likely) write more. Anyways, back to World Building.

World Building Part Two

Yes, yes we know you're characters are ever so important, but have you ever given thought to the world they live in? Hopefully, because without a world to live on, most characters would not exist. Welcome back to 6 Questions on World Building. 

Since I know we'll all be writing in different types of places (reality or fantasy) just adapt the question to fit your story's needs. Have fun and happy writing!

1. Where does your character live? What planet, land, nation, country, city, address, room, house, etc.? Be as specific as you can. 

2. Let's talk about politics. (Our favorite subject, I know.) Who is in control in your world? And don't just say that everyone does as they please. No, it doesn't work that way. What governing power is in charge? How does the government work? 

3. What sorts of religions or faiths are in your world? Do they believe in spirits, gods, goddesses, etc.? 

4. Name three superstitions that people in the area of your MC have. How did each come about? Are these superstitions reasonable? If not, what can be done to stop people from believing in them? 

5. How are the young treated? How are the old? How are the teenagers? Is different work assigned to each? Are the young raised by only their parents or the entire community? Are the elders thrown out at some point?

6. Are the people living in your MC's area happy about where an how they live? Name three things they generally want changed. (I know there will be one or two people who are exceptions, but we're just going with the general views at the moment.) Please do not tell me they are completely happy with it, nothing is perfect, even in fantasy. They will want something changed.

Thank you again for reading and keep writing!

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