Wednesday, April 11, 2012

6 Questions to Befuddle the Writing Mind #2

Hey, did you guys know there is a little button reading "Publish" that you have to press in order for a post to be published? Well, I apparently don't. I had this post typed up for Monday and I quit out before posting. Whoops. Well, I hope you can forgive me....


Here are the next six questions to help you develop your story and characters and whatever else we are targeting on that day. Answer them, blog them, comment your answers, save them in a word doc, whatever you deem worthy to do!

World Building Part 1

I know last week was some character building but this week we'll start at the beginning. World-building. We've had posts on why this is important before, but the bottom line is that you have to know where your story is happening. A story in Antarctica is not going to turn out the same way as a story in the Sahara. 

Since I know we'll all be writing in different types of places (reality or fantasy) just adapt the question to fit your story's needs. Have fun and happy writing!

1. Opening Scene. Where is these place? What does it look like? In the very first paragraph of your story, what is the setting? Describe it. Names of places, of plants surrounding them, what sorts of things do they see? 

2. Quick, make a list of all of the different places that are visited in your book. And I mean all of them. You can be as vague (New York City) or as specific (the bed in Camille's bedroom) as you want, but make sure you get all of them.

3. Using the list from the previous question, attach a word or phrase to each setting that best describes it. It can be something about the way it looks, the way it feels, what happened there, or whatever else you want. It just needs to be what you feel is the most important thing to remember about that place. 

4. What is the most meaningful setting in your story? Why is it the most meaningful? What happens there that makes it so? Write a quick description of it. 

5. Explain four ways that your setting has affected your story. Notice I started with "explain". 

6. Why is your story happening where it is? Why not the Alps or Dreamland? What makes this place so important that you are basing your story there? 

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