Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One upon a cat...

Happy Valentine's day! <3
And happy Tuesday, since I don't particularly enjoy V-day. You should love everyone all year round, not just some random day in February. And also, I hate... *ahem*... severely dislike the color pink.
Anyways, since I didn't plan anything, I'm going to write you a short story.

The song that inspired this short story:

It was January, although no snow coated the ground. I shivered in my threadbare jacket, staring forlornly at the sand beneath my feet. When would good luck look away from everyone else and notice little me?
The roar of the ocean calmed my thoughts. Its steady beat promised that no matter how much changed, some things would stay the same. Even the icy waves reached towards me before pulling back, time and again. I thought back over the past few hours.
"No! How dare you come back here, you little rat," Mother shouted. Her normally white face was red with anger. "Get out of here. You are not living under my roof ever again, you hear me? Never!"
"Why? Because I refuse to give you money so you can buy some more beer? Your perfect little daughter has shed her obedience. I'd rather die on the streets than be here." I slammed the door on my way out, not even bothering to go to my room. All the money I had earned that day stayed in my pockets. 
The twisted happiness of rebellion had faded by now. What would I do? I couldn't afford to keep up school tuition by myself; it was almost too much between Mother and I. And my Mcdonald's job only payed so much. Where would I find food and shelter? I swallowed my tears and gazed up at the night sky. It was a gorgeous view, with the stars shining confidently and the waxing moon shed some light down on my face. More than ever, I wished the world could slow down, forget the money and power and just enjoy the view.
"Beautiful, isn't it?" remarked a voice behind me. I turned around awkwardly, but saw no one but a small Siamese cat. It licked its paw and stepped closer, laying down beside me. It opened its mouth. "Humans almost never look past themselves. I sense you do, though. You understand the true beauty of life." The cat sighed. The voice sounded cultured and rich, and I judged that it was a tomcat who spoke to me.

"It is," I said after a pause. "But I almost can't focus on it. I'm afraid I can't see past myself at the moment." I laughed ruefully and sat down beside him. "Sometimes I wonder if the world can't see past itself to find me."
"Maybe not this world," said the cat thoughtfully.  After another silence, he continued. "I like your honesty. But I think you aren't looking at yourself at all. You're looking at who you think you are, and they are very different people." He picked himself up and crawled into my lap, purring as I scratched behind his ears.

"You know, you don't belong here," he confided in me. "Not on Earth. It's corrupt and broken, while you... you are too beautiful, too knowing, too stay. And thankfully, I have a solution." He purred louder.
"What?" I said carefully. I was by now wary. But there was something comforting about the cat, as if he were a caring father looking after his children. The fact that he talked and thought just like me wasn't as surprising as what he said, though.

The cat stretched and launched himself onto my shoulders. I winced as his claws dug through my clothes and into my skin. And he whispered his name into my ear.
I closed my eyes as a wave of nausea rolled over me, drowning out the ocean. When I opened them, I gasped. I was standing on a steep hill, with plains spreading for miles to the north and a great forest stretching to the south. To the west stood a small village, the buildings tall and built with human hands. But there seemed to be very few humans at all; most of the villagers appeared to be cats, tigers, lions, ocelots, leopards, cheetahs, and every other feline species you could name, as well as a few more. And looking down, I saw that my clothes had disappeared and so had my human body. Instead, I flexed my claws and yawned, feeling mighty and powerful in my diminutive Siamese cat form.

"Welcome home, Princess," said my real father from beside me.


So, hope you enjoyed it. Goodbye for now, and have a blessed week. <3

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  1. Great story! I love that she is taken away, it's a unique perspective. Most stories have them "saving" it or "changing" things, but I like that she is promised a better place. And that you included cats. :] I love cats.


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