Thursday, February 2, 2012

Writer's Will

Writer's Will is a lot like Writer's Block and I won't bore you with a very long explanation of the two.

Basically, all you need to know is that Writer's Will is usually the base cause of Writer's Block. It's not that we can't think up of ideas (although this does happen too) but it's that we are not ready to write. SO, to cover up our deficiencies, we blame it on Writer's Block.

I believe 'writer's block' is the normal state of writing; that is, you rarely have anything just flow easily from your brain to the keyboard. And if it does, it's usually pretty bad. Good writing is almost always hard, and what I think sometimes happens is that writers forget how hard it is, or don't want to do the work any more, and they call this 'writer's block'. 
- Dave Barry

When, in reality, we have a million different ideas running through our heads, we just can't find it in ourselves to sit down and put them to paper.

The hardest thing about writing is not coming up with ideas - although it can be your opinion - but to me it is setting way to time to just simply write.


Just write. Write whenever you can, whatever your mood. You write and your brain will eventually catch up with you. (There was a great quote about this, but I can't seem to find it.) Write at night, when you are emotional, when your friend asks you to a party you don't want to go to. Write write write. This is a test of willpower and as a writer, you had better have some willpower otherwise you will not last through the twists and turns. And this isn't something that someone can help you with, this rests on your shoulders and your shoulders alone. All we can do is wish you the best of luck and you keep writing! Have a good February, a great Thursday, and good luck!

In the end, you have to just sit down, shut up, and write. 
- Natalie Goldberg

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