Friday, January 27, 2012

Grammar: Fragments

*cough* Awkward. This was supposed to go up yesterday.

Anyway, today I shall talk about using sentence fragments in your writing. Obviously, grammar-wise, fragments are a no-no. I was always taught in school that using a fragment in your paper is the basically the worst thing you can do. But let's be honest here - writers break the rules all the time. Sometimes we capitalize words that aren't supposed to be capitalized just because it's important to the book. Some of us even make words up. We don't use commas when we're supposed to, or we use them wherever we think they fit. And with all that rule-breaking, some people still write great books.

To me, fragments are no different. Obviously, there are plenty of times when they don't work, but sometimes they just make a bigger impact. And when you're writing in first person - well, we think in fragments sometimes, don't we? So why should our characters be any different?

For example, you could have something like His eyes stayed on me the entire time. Like he actually cared. The second sentence is considered a fragment, but it seems to fit. It makes a bigger impact to me than the revision would, which would be something like this: His eyes stayed on me the entire time, like he actually cared. 

And . . . that's all I've got for today :D

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