Monday, January 2, 2012

Story Twists

Welcome back from our little winter break, hope everyone had happy holidays and a merry December. We have TONS of stuff planned for the new year and today we're starting with, yeah that's right, story twists....

When everything is going right, something goes wrong......

That's our theme for today. Now, I know we all love a good happy ending right? But not every story can have one, and our main characters are going to have to suffer before they can earn theirs. 

Let's talk about the different kinds of story twists. 

The Foreshadowed-at-the-beginning Kind of Story Twist
These kind of story twists are seen coming far in advance. Whether it be the prologue or an excerpt in the story, something foreshadow the events. Like in horror movies when you're yelling, DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE!!! That's a good example of this kind of story twist. 

The Bam-Never-Saw-That-Coming Kind of Twist
The scene where the villain comes back from the dead and stabs our hero in the back. Bam! Never saw that coming!

The I-Messed-Up-Big Kind of Twist
This is where the MC makes a huge mistake and it costs everyone dearly. 

The What-is-Right-is-Actually-Wrong Kind of Twist
Your character might have to punch that guy in the face to defend himself, but that guy is actually diagnosed with cancer. So your character is shunned by the rest of the human race for his innocent mistake. 

Any other kinds of twists you guys can think of? How were your holidays? Have a nice day and keep writing!


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