Friday, November 4, 2011

Finding Inspiration

It's already Friday and four days into NaNoWriMo. Plus, it's a cause for celebration; it's our first Friday! Yay! *momentary pause for applause* Again, Fridays are surveys, interviews, new authors, etc that relate to that week's topic or a specific post that was made. I hope to be able to have some inspiring writers come on and you know, inspire you. (Inspire is, after all, the word of the week.) So, back on topic, it's Friday! I went and asked a few people ways that they found inspiration and compiled a big list of ways to get new ideas. So, enjoy!

  1. Browse      _amayanieva_
  2. Listen to Music (Pandora, IHeartRadio, Jelli)     _amayanieva_
  3. Look through     _amayanieva_
  4. Browse through     Kaye Dominique
  5. Google Quotes     LightningNinjaShinigami
  6. Check out for quotes     Hawk Eyes
  7. History class or reading about historical events
  8. Looking at pictures and deciding how they came about
  9. Dreams
  10. Watching random people and coming up with stories about their life
  11. Reading poetry
  12. Drawing/Sketching, various forms of art
  13. Writing off of already created art pieces
  14. Go for a walk
  15. Experience the kind of things your characters are (If your MC climbs a tree, go climb a tree. Though I wouldn't recommend this to those of us with little to no hand-eye coordination.) 
  16. Asking yourself a what if question
  17. Asking someone else a what if question
  18. Look at a list of baby names
  19. Fall in love with your character
  20. Think about things that you would like to do
  21. Ask an elder questions about their life
  22. Wander around your public library
  23. Type random things into Google
  24. Try new things
  25. Get adequate help from a trained professional (Sorry, you might just have to make due with a fellow writer :)
You can do any of these or some of your own, or maybe even just wait for inspiration to find you. The biggest for me is usually dreams. There's so many different ways you can look at dreams and although you do have to wait for night, so many different dreams you can have. I would keep a dream journal or mentally file them somewhere in your head, that way, later on, you can look through them and get inspiration.

So have a nice, writing-filled Friday everyone! Good luck and keep writing!

Are there any other ways you get inspiration?

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