Saturday, November 5, 2011


I made a banner for the blog. :] It was originally pink too, but the white flare covered it up. Oh well, I kind of like it better this way. In case there's any graphic designer out there, this made using GIMP and Picnik, two of my favorite programs. 

Anyways, this is our first Saturday posting so I didn't want to do anything really big quite yet. I ave decided to bring one of my favorite blogs into light; Reasoning with Vampires

For all of you Twilight fans out there, DON'T ever read this blog. Filled to the brim with more than hundred mistakes you should never get away with as a writer, this blog is fun to read and surprisingly educating, in it's own way. 

I switched off between wondering how by Jaf did Stephenie Meyer get away with this and laughing at how horribly pathetic Belward really is. (Since they apparently can't live without each other, I felt it was appropriate to classify them as one person.) Dana, the writer of the blog, is one of the most sarcastic, yet utterly hilarious, person you will ever meet/read about. If Stephenie Meyer is your idol, you might want to check out this blog first. Maybe you'll realize you're better off aspiring to be Dana than Stephenie. Not only does Dana know the difference between first and second person, but she can actually hold an audience too!

If you have time on your hands and want to read something interesting, read a few posts at Reasoning with Vampires. Thanks guys for your time and remember, keep writing!

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