Friday, November 25, 2011


On Wednesday, I know we were supposed to have guest post, but some lines got crossed and it will be rescheduled to a later date. Sorry! 

Today, we don't have an interview planned so I'm going to talk about the glory of a generator. No, not generator as in the kind you use for electricity, unless by electricity you mean inspiration. 

No, the kind of generator I'm talking about is the ones you can find at Seventh Sanctum. For instance, their Character Scrambler creates ides for characters with the single click of a button. And that's not the only kind they have. They generators for names and for creating alien races. They have ones for swords, for dragon breeds, and vampires. If you're having writer's block or searching for an idea, this is definitely the place to go for ideas. 

There are various other sites to go to find generator, if you type into google or bing what you want to find and the word "generator", you're bound to find a generator that fits your needs. 

Here's a list of generators and generator sites that I've found....

Seventh Sanctum - The king of all generator sites. You can find most everything that you would need while writing a story. 

Serendipity - Although it's not as big of a collection as Seventh Sanctum, it still has a lot of hopeful generators. 

Creative Idea Generator - This site gives you random words and pictures to help generate ideas. 

Spring Hole - A bunch of generators here. 

Hope I can help and have a good rest of Thanksgiving break! 

Have a cool generator answer? Know another generator you'd like to share? What did you do over Thanksgiving?

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  1. Yes, I have a generator I want to share! :)

    Anagram generators are essential for a mystery book, such as the Davinci Code. Try

    It is a great one. Another amazing post, well done and thanks for reminding me about Seventh Sanctum, I mess around with it when bored sometimes.


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