Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We all have those days where nothing comes out. Not even any word vomit. All you've got is a blank page, and every time you type three words you delete four. Or maybe you've got a writer's block that's been lasting for weeks. So how can you get inspired?

To be honest, I think you can find inspiration anywhere. While you're watching TV, when you look at a picture, even when you're just walking down the street. But one of the ways I find inspiration most often is simply by reading other books. Sometimes, reading another book might give me an idea for a single sentence, or maybe it'll remind me that there's something missing in my own book. Some people have said that they read a book that changes their lives, and they want to be able to do the same with their own book. Maybe you see a book's success and find that you want that, too. Whatever the reason, reading a good book always seems to give me inspiration.

And, of course, there's the obvious - music. I tend to listen to Florence + the Machine or The Fray when I'm feeling stuck. (I also like to listen to the song Sail by AWOLNATION, regardless of how weird it might be.)

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  1. Hello there! New blog follower here. I see we share the same interests... Writer's blog and Urban Fantasy! Thanks for the great advice! Looking forward to reading more posts.


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